The all natural, FDA Approved, patented O24™ Pain Management System

Has anyone heard of this O24 pain management system? It is a combination of essentials oils that is put on topically & helps elevate pain. Personally, all the oils have scents & I don't know if my allergies could tolerate that but if it really did help with the pain I guess I could live with blowing my nose a lot. :)

I have not heard of this, though I do use a preparation of essential oils on my feet each morning and they do help. It contains wintergreen, lavender, peppermint, frankincense, cilantro, marjoram, roman chamomile, basil and rosemary and is marketed for for tension headaches. I did some reading and learned that many of the oils in this blend are useful for nerve problems, plus the oils are very cooling. The name of the product is PastTense and it can be found HERE. I use it sparingly and so only go through about 1 bottle per month.

I doubt that this would help, as I have personally found essential oils to be of little use. I also find that applying an oil or cream can trigger a flare or make a flare worse. Finally, I would run a mile from this as the FDA approved bit makes it sound like it is a medication, when it is much more likely to have been approved as a cosmetic or something.

If you do try it, please let us know the results, it would be really helpful if you could tell us what type of EM you have, when you applied it, how long it took to feel effects (if any) and if they were good or bad. That would help people to decide if it would have a similar effect on them.

I agree with starsmurf that it’s important to proceed with caution, especially where allergies or sensitive skin is concerned.I’ve learned that there are a lot of companies and individuals capitalizing on pain. And, with EM, what helps one does not necessarily help all. Before my dx and out of complete desperation, I tried a cream called Penetrex and it made the pain much worse. I am sensitive to so many preservatives that are used in topical preparations that I have to be very, very careful.

Thanks Tillilou!

I'd like to clarify that it's only in the case of EM that I find essential oils don't help. A good massage from a trained aromatherapist can be very helpful in reducing stress, which will make you feel better (I looooove a good massage). Just explain the problem with your EM and ask that they only use oils that reduce bloodflow and are very careful over areas that flare. It is really important to mention your EM as otherwise the aromatherapist might use oils and massage movements that encourage bloodflow to the skin. Using oils at home is a little more risky, as some oils may make EM worse.

I would still avoid this product like the plague. And just to make you laugh, when I searched for the product, this discussion came up fifth on Google!

Thanks for the input. After I posted my message I thought ya know this just seems too good to be true & so often the "success stories" are paid actors. I probably won't try it because just about every essential oil they listed I know I'm allergic too & would be blowing my nose like crazy. :)

Their website says it "increases local blood flow", so doesn't sound good for EM. Sounds painful.