Restless legs anyone?

I have been developing this problem for awhile and though ketamine has helped with pain this still seems to be an issue for me. The urge to wriggle and shift my legs interrupts my sleep - it is not pain, only an odd ,mild ache yet it seems to force me to move. Some nights it is worse then a good run again. Does anyone else have this? Any ideas that help,I would have thought Lyrica would have stopped it ,but no. I have read caffeine makes it worse,so am cutting right back. Any comments welcome ,thanks Tizzy

Im Sorry Tizzy.
The last thing you need is something else effecting your sleep. I don’t have this problem but I know I have seen alot of other members mention this before. I hope you get an answer that helps with this soon :slight_smile:

I have had restless legs since I was 20 and remember being embarrassed in a car with a new boyfriend who wanted to know why I was constantly wriggling and shifting my legs. When I was given clonazepam to suppress the myoclonic jerks which came with EM, the restless legs ceased to be a problem. I will still get them if I sit too long late in the day before I take the magic tablet at bedtime. Incidentally, I recently tried halving my nightly 50mcg tablet and had no problem doing that.

I hope it just goes away 9th it’s own Tizzy. At the very least it sounds like there is something you can take that sounds very effective. I’ve had nights where I am compelled to move my legs about constantly and whine while doing so but this is caused by prolonged discomfort …not pain but discomfort. Do you know how your feet can be too hot or too cold and you can never find that 1 degree of comfort? When I am there too long even without real pain at the time i get squirmy and it’s beyond my control. I know it’s not the same thing but I can feel dome of your frustrations you may have.
Take care,

I don’t know much about medicine, but I have been using an over the counter product called (Hyland’s) Restful Legs. It says homeopathic on the label and I dissolve two tablets under my tongue before I go to sleep and within five minutes, my legs feel better. Occasionally, I will wake up during the nite and take one more but go right back to sleep. I also use them when I am at the movies or a situation where I can’t get up and move. I don’t know if it’s the right thing for you, but worth a try or asking your doctor about. I find them in most drug stores and grocery stores. The also make a product for leg cramps which my mother took for a few years before she passed away. Good luck.