SAD lights

anyone here use one?

i realize my burning is so less severe in the summer (mind you i hide indoors and work endlessly trying to avoid my triggers)

my main issue now is severe swelling in my
legs from the heat and chilblains.
ok wearing compression socks during my waking hours

it just occurred to me perhaps i could benefit from a sad light. tricking my body into thinking it is summer ‘more light rays’ during the winter… but not the extreme heat which causes leg swelling

anyone try one?

nope but cant hurt to try . I like your thinking . It is unlikely to work wonders but those lights have other benefits too so pending its not too expensive i think its worth a shot . anything that is cheap and doesnt take much effort is worth investigating

Before you get the official tricked out SAD light get a full specturm light and give that a try, it’s the same concept without the fancy packaging.

I’ve been using them for years for myself as desk lighting since I work third shift and rarely see the actual sun for any length of time. I use them for crafting, too, rather than the super expensive Ott Light they sell at hobby stores (again, same light, no fancy name or packaging). I also have large parrots that require full specturm to keep their colors bright and have been using them for those guys for decades with great success. I figure if the light brightens the heck out of the feathers of a parrot it will surely brighten a mood, too.

A link to the lights I have is below. I’m cheap, I got the on-sale $49 ones and even got those on deeper sale by watching the site and checking for coupons. Be sure to get ones that fit the reasonably priced bulbs, too (Replacement Bulb Fluorescent 27 Watt Full Spectrum 4 pin) as you don’t want to get a light that has a $50 bulb, if you’re anything like me there’s no way you’ll pay $50 for a bulb.


Hi I tried this before. Unfortunately the light I got only triggered more burning :frowning: At the time, I was hoping that it would maaaaaybe reset my circadian rhythm and thus help the insane evening burning … or at the very least help with my depression.

If you are better in summer (from what I gather …) maybe “bobs protocol” would be of benefit for you. Or maybe even vit D?

Something that helped swelling + sports injury recovery (back in another life…) for me was contrast hydrotherapy. Not sure however if that would apply to this situation … I also find that some meds (lyrica + CCB’s) to contribute to swelling big time for me (just fyi). plaquenil / spironolactone helped a bit with this but not enough for me to stay on them.

thanks you

i looked at bp. flares are face, sometimes just nose, sometimes just tip of ears or just lobes, or a couple fingers, or one knee, both knees, left side, right side!!

it’s just so random i don’t know how i’d ever keep up with the protocol when it’s not just my feet or just hands. at this point it’a just my trunk that isn’t affected. and usually my back is frozen. sometimes with chills while my extremities burn.