Sciatica? Anyone?

I've had suspected (mild-ish) EM for 2 years as of this winter. Just recently, I have been diagnosed with sciatica (back X-Rays clean, so no degenerative disc disease or anything) because of nerve pains in my hip/leg/toes. Wikipedia mentions sciatica being something that may precipitate EM, but getting sciatic pain 2 years later? I'm left wondering if this is just a coincidence! So do any of you have EM with sciatica? What are your experiences and timelines?

I also havent been formallly diagnosed with EM, but have been diagnosed for the last ten years with an undiffferentiated connective tissue disease. I have been having bad shooting, nerve type pain in my hamstrings, severe toe craming and neuropathy type pains all over. I believe I have a small fiber neuropathy which goes along with EM. I've had two skin biopsies two years apart and both came back negative for SFN. The pain is not in my butt by def down the back of my thigh....I really think it's related....

Thanks for replying. I don't know much about SFN - can you test negative and still have it? I just found out that one of my parents has recently had one of their feet getting red and hot at night... but everything I've found says that inherited EM shows up in childhood, yet mine arose at the age of 25. So confusing!

Hi LibbyK - Their is a high correlation between people who have EM and have small fiber neuropathy. I got tested twice by two different neurologists who swore if it came up negative I don't have SFN. Everyother doctor, from pain management doc who I love and respect, to my rhemy, to my primary all say the test is inconclusive. Hot burning feet is also a sign of neuropathy which always gets worse at night. Also the older population can acquire neuropathy as well. I'm going to a dermotologist in December and a hemotologist and see what they say. Whatever they say, it hurts.....good luck

Libby- I have been formally diagnosed with EM and SFN. The SFN was confirmed with a punch biopsy. My first sciatic pain was 5 years before my EM diagnosis. I had two surgeries one in 2008 and one in 2009 to repair a severely ruptured disc at L5 - S1. My second surgery left me with a staph infection of the disc. I spent 8 days in the hospital and 12 weeks on antibiotics. I also have degenerative discs in my mid-back.

However my doctor believes I have primary EM due to findings in my tests from the Mayo Clinic. I am beginning to remember things from my childhood that could be EM related. It is all so confusing... it seems the more I research the more confused I get.

I don't know if any of my info has helped but I hope it has. God Bless. Tollie

I had a ruptured L5-S1 way back in 1989 but I did not have signs or symptoms of EM until one year ago. However, I was recently diagnosed with severe spianal stenosis with it being worse on the right side. It was in the cervical area. Last week I had an ACDF C4- C6 {removal of the 2 discs with cadaver bone replacement and application of a titanium plate to fuse the 3 vertabrae together} I still feel my EM which is much worse in my right hand and foot is related to the cervical stenosis.

I am having a great deal of pain still from surgery and probably will not know for sure of the outcome for at least another month or so.However, I am begining to think it may have lessenned the EM.

I have seen quite a few posts mentioning spinal cord issues with resulting EM. I hope to prove my neurosurgeon wrong. I hope you get some relief soon.