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An EM blogger that runs marathons.

Thanks for sharing Laura. An amazing story. It not only made me cry but also got me angry in a way. Angry at EM in a motivating way. I spend all day every day trying to avoid any flares so I can stay in as little pain as I can. This motivates me to want to push myself pain aside sometimes just do something you enjoy knowing you will suffer but doing it anyway! I know it’s too much pain and you can’t ignore it but every-once in a while for something I really enjoy I should do it. That way I still keep some control. I think it would be good for me emotionally. Thanks again.

I am glad that it motivated you Alina. It motivated me to start at gym again a couple of years ago. I worked through the pain, right under the air con and started spin classes and cycling. I havent been since March but I am definitely going to start cycling again this year.!

I am joining the gym too. I am starting swimming. It should keep me cool while finally getting some sort of exercise then see where it goes from there. I can’t keep living in constant fear of pain like I do. Some sort of balance because I am not up for constant suffering either. I hope you are able to get back to cycling. I used to cycle, both outdoors and spin classes. It was great fun. I do miss a good sweat!

I was a tad addicted to spin, doing 5 classes a week before. I found that the burning would turn to numbness after a little while and we all know that numb feet are better than burning feet… Just.! Good luck in starting out. X

Thank you. Yes I have to agree any kind of feet is better than burning feet!