Surgery to correct Eyrithromelagia

So, back in March I was the 7th person in the USA to have Bi-ladderall Thoracic sympathectomy to end my Eryithromelalgia.

Well, it made it worse. $17,000 for the surgery, and my Ery got worse.

The surgery was complex. My ribs still hurt, I have 4 scars on each side. I had to live on pain pills. It hurt to move. Now the skin on my hands and feet not only burn, but I feel a stinging burn. I got off of the pain killers because I didn’t want to be “doped up” forever. I even tried “weed” to see if that would help, sadly, it did not.

My doc said that the surgery was my only hope, now nothing more can be done for me.

One lady in Japan had the surgery, it helped her, but not the rest of us who had it done.

So, if you choose the surgery, just know that it helped one in 8 of us.