Just curious if everyone has swelling?

I've never had swelling.

Hi Amy

I don't usually get swelling, only occasionally with severe flares my toes can look slightly swollen and sometimes my knuckles can swell slightly


Hi Amy - my feet pretty much always swell when flaring - particularly if they are in the dependent position. My right is worse than my left. Once my feet cool down, the swelling disappears too.

No, no swelling

Yes with the redness

Slight swelling when they are really bad…

I am always at least slightly swollen. In a bad flare, I swell a lot and need to take off jewelry and shoes immediately. I always have pitting edema in my legs, feet and often in my arms and hands. I’ve also had it on my face. Before I figured out what was wrong, there were times when my face was swollen to the point of not looking like me at all.