Symptoms - Feet - Check . Others "Do not apply" (Diss.forms)

Hello everybody , While filling out diss. papers my Dr comes in muttering about who is supposed to fill out this and that . I have (since April 18 2011) been seeing this same Dr . He asks me "what it is that I have ?" Only your feet right ? I say pardon and said that he knows all the things that have started in 2011 the falling down /vision/memory/twitches and memory loss etc. sweating profusely etc etc . He again asks just the feet right ? I am now excited get tongue tied and can't speak fast enough . 4 years X 1.7 visits per month , 300 gigs of data/photos/logs he is well informed . The staff can't understand me and tell me I'm done . (but i have questions). They say leave the clinic now !
i phone my wife to fill her in and forgot the forms and a package of photos . My wife picks these things up . There's a note saying "I am no longer welcome at this clinic" .Symptoms other than feet are checked "Does not apply" . Also now a charge($) to copy/fax my file . The Gov needs proof from my Dr . Now my ankles/feet are tripping and all that "Does not apply" are applying . Thanks for appearing to read this and Goodnight.. John

I get fed up with the same thing, people only bothering about my feet and legs. Plus, the other thing that annoys me is when I go to podiatry they say to me "Whatever you do don't let your feet get cold". I tell them all the time that the problem is that they get too hot and I have to cool them down. The trouble is they don't listen to what you say most of the time. The other thing I get is that I should use Flexitol on my dry cracked skin. I always reply with the same answer that it's me that's keeping them in business as I use such a lot of it, but again the next time I go it's the same all over again.

Forgive my ignorance, John, (I'm really rather new to all this, and new to trying to learn about it) but are those other symptoms related to EM? Where are your twitches? Are they like myoclonus?

Four years and not to be remembered? It's sad, isn't it, but certainly not your fault. Sounds like a good time to be moving on anyway. I hope the next place is better.

This is sort of an old topic but wondering about myoclonus. I have been feeling better on combo of Cymbalta and Lyrica but now have twitching. It doesn’t seem to be any one place-can be back of head, side of body or limbs. I had never heard of this till Dr. Internet informed me that can be caused by peripheral neuropathy; any one talked with medical profession about this?

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