Tactics for an evening out

Hey everyone, I'm a 30 year old male who has moderate EM which is most difficult at night. Wanted to pull the group regarding their "top" tactics for a night out. I'll be attending a wedding in the next week and have been pondering over a few things.

I'll definitely be wearing some strong compression socks but since the supplement's and medicaitions I've tried haven't been effective, I'm currently not on anything and have a difficult time with EM at night. That said, what would be 1-2 things you'd recommended if you just need it for one night out? A baby asprin? Ibprofen? Specific cream?

I welcome any thoughts, thanks in advance for your thoughts and ideas!

We are all so different that I hesitate to make a suggestion based on my experience alone. I never miss my baby aspirin and what I wear on my feet depends entirely on the temperature as I also have Raynauds and too cold is as much of a problem as too hot. If it’s cold then compression socks and close fitting shoes. The looser the shoes the more likely a bad flare (can anyone explain to my why that should be?). I would have a pair of sandals with me in case I were to end up somewhere warm and a cool spray for nighttime flares.

Good luck and enjoy the wedding.

I don't take any pharmaceuticals either. My biggest tactic is always carrying different shoe options in my purse, but imagine this might be tough for a guy, depending on your style. I guess you're also expected to wear dress shoes if the occasion is formal? You might have to be a rebel and wear sandals with your tux. I also always carry a tiny spritz bottle of water - the kind that come in air travel bottle sets would fit in your pocket. If it's hot out, I sneak off to my car and put my tootsies in front of the A/C for a few minutes.

Nel - I suppose snug footwear might not allow space for the skin to swell up? Is that how compression socks work? But I find that I'm better off with open footwear to keep cool in the first place.

I too have found having different footwear with you is a big help and I love the idea of the small camping stool for under the table because just having my feet down causes significant flaring for me. Hopefully you will have longer table cloths and you could even take off your shoes and put them up on the stool discreetly while sitting at your table. Do you only have it in your feet? If you have it elsewhere that is a bit more complicated. a bottle of ice water to hold in your hands can help with flaring in your hands. If you live somewhere where it is cool outside you may just have to excuse yourself and go outside once and a while to cool yourself down. good luck. I hope you are able to enjoy yourself and not be in too much pain.

Take care,