Teens with EM

How does EM affect your lives on a daily basis? Including your Social life?
I find it very hard to keep up with my friends and it becomes very frustrating. It would be cool if we can find other teens with EM and support each other!!

I’ve had em since I was 10, I’m now about to be 18. it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. I had to stop playing sports and I can’t go party with my friends like norm teens would because alcohol and whatever else makes me burn 1000 times worse. I tend to wanna just lay around and put my feet up rather than go out during the summer and hangout. even the winter is bad too. but recently I started taking cymbalta and this has helped me so much. if I flare at all it’s really really mild and it makes every day activities easier again!!

Glad things have got easier with cymbalta, I found it helped my EM and fibro somewhat but had horrible side effects so stopped taking it. How about starting a sub group (on here) for teens or young adults..? I could help you with this is you wanted. Once it was set up I could send an email out to all members informing them of the group so anybody who wanted to join would know where to come.!

worst thing to happen to my amazing life. was a gymnast coach, lifeguard, surfed every morning. now i do barely anything. it sucks.