Testing for em... What is testing?

Hi everyone. I can’t seem to find anywhere… I’m sure I’m missing it… But is there anywhere that you see a list of tests done for em? I mean testing for mercury, proliferative, Ms, lupus, mushroom etc etc. All the reasons you have em. Does one exist? I can’t even find online. If one doesn’t exist, Id like to create one. Or contact the Foundation to get working on that. I think it’s very important. I could bring to my doctor who is unfamiliar and say here you go test away. I already told him I’m following Dr. Cohen suggestion only. So I can bring that in. But it would be nice for those not diagnosed and those that are to bring it on and leave no rock unturned. If they don’t test for every reason then you miss your chance that you might be able to tackle that reason aggressively and good by em. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Of it does exits would be so kind to send me the link? Thank you and hope you all sleep peaceful tonight.

Hi Rayofhope
Would the testing be the genetic test for a mutation of the gene that affects the sodium channel? If you have this mutation you have primary EM, if you don’t then they deduce your EM is secondary to something else. In the UK, David Bennett at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford does this genetic test as he specialises in primary EM. Cheers ajh