Trigger Points

I found the following article very valuable. For some of us we may have these symptoms as well.

It makes sense, that as painful as exercise can be sometimes, it could also make us feel a whole lot better


I felt it worth the merit on reading up about TPs, I also truly believe that mild yoga and meditation will also elevate some of the issues. really not into medications. Have to admit naproxen does seem to help me if I just stay on 500 mg per day.

Thank you for such an interesting post CC.

I have tried myofascial release of 'trigger points' for EM. It was very painful but my goodness did i feel loose/flexible afterwards.This is an especially good treatment for fibromyalgia. Heard lots of great reports. Benefits lasted a good 2 weeks. In UK very hard to find a myo therapist. Also real expensive £120 hour.What I find more comfortable is MLD manual lymphatic drainage. Helps with swelling, boosts immunity etc.. There is an older post on lymphatic massage therapy should anyone wish to look it up. Some research and links attached to it..

I am a great believer in meditation. Have you read any of Eckharts tolles books on being 'in the now'?. Throughly recommend.

God bless