Turmeric - Is it a wonder supplement?

So I started taking a standardized form of tumeric that is 95% curcuminoids and within a day I noticed that it made a dent on my EM in my ears, as in I haven’t had a flare since then. It has also helped my feet slightly although they rarely flare unless I do something like workout for over 2 hours which is rare. My regimen is now cyproheptadine, feverfew, and tumeric with about 90% coverage of my EM. I also take mexiletine and metoprolol although I am tapering off the mexiletine and the metoprolol is for my BP and high resting HR. I haven’t seen much on tumeric on here but wanted to let everyone know that it has helped me.

Like capsaicin, tumeric decreases the amount of substance P in the body along with being a potent anti-inflammatory and blood thinning medication. It does a lot and is coined a magical supplement as it can touch many chronic inflammatory and pain conditions. I didn’t think much when starting it but it clearly helps quite a bit. It may be worth a shot for many as it has little side effects (be careful though as it can do a lot chemically so check with interactions and the standardized forms that are mostly curcuminoids are the most stable forms to take as well as the most beneficial).

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Interesting, I didn’t realize that about turmeric and substance P.
Can I ask if you notice it being vasodilatory at all?

I have not noticed any vasodilation as a result. Just a reduction in flares, it has anti-inflammatory properties so it should reduce redness.

Wouldn’t that depend on the mechanism of its anti-inflammatory properities? Inflammation causes erythema but the erythema from erythromelalgia is not inflammation.

Yeah, it does depend on specific cases I believe, inflammation is complex and honestly I have no idea why the supplement helps me so much, but it does and it happened in hours. I respond well to serotonin antagonists so it doesn’t make any sense to me why the tumeric helps.

Very interesting information. I have EM due to a rare form of cancer. Just heard a Specialist, during a conference for the cancer, who recommended Tumeric to help us with the serious internal inflammation, triggered by the cancer. I have been taking Tumeric for years (before cancer diagnosis) so hoping I can attribute having fewer serious flairs of the EM than I might have otherwise. I have to add that I am never without flairs in my hands and feet but it comes down to a matter of degrees on any given day. This approval from the Specialist for Tumeric is unusual since most of the doctors ‘warn’ us not to take supplements but this doctor approved it because of studies done to support its effectiveness.

I started it a few weeks ago, cannot tell yet that it has done much. I was at the Rheumatologist office today and she said to continue that it could help. I did have nausea when I first started it but that has lessened now. I take in in three separate dosages which seems to help with the nausea.