Heat desensitization and topical curcumin

Hi everybody,

I have ridden that some persons with EM do well with desensitization using gradual hot baths. I am trying this for a week now and, with the topical curcumin, it appears to reduce the intensity and the frequence of my flare.

Is there someone else who have tried this ??


Hi Carine, I don't know anything about the desensitization but I just wanted to say how inspirational you are in the way you embrace all possible therapies to manage your EM. My very best wishes to you and I hope that you continue to see some relief. Kindest, Jules


Please keep us posted on your progress. I’m all about alternate treatments/therapy, etc. I have found ozone therapy to be helpful as it involves heat as well. Thanks for any insight you might have for the rest of us!

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10 days later, it is uncredible !! Two days with NO flare !! And minimals last days. The pain is reduced, but also the number and intensity of the flares.

Topical turmeric with the whole plant is best. You must try this, it is the first thing that really touch my em in a year.

Every day : I rub my feet with turmeric + oil + 1 drop essential oil , and I let this two or three hours with socks on it. I put my feet in a hot bath for 30 minutes per day.

The best therapy I ever had.


Great news! What type of oil and essential oil do you use?

Also, do you use a tumeric cream?

I use sesame oil and basilicum essential oil.

I don't use turmeric cream because there is not this in France. I have tried with curcumin concentrated solutions, turmeric powder and whole fesh turmeric. It is this one which is the best.

I have tried this because I have ridden that curcumin and capsaicin both deplete P substance in the skin. There is few articles about em and capsaicin. For me it didn't work it burns too much ! So I tried turmeric. It has also an anti inflammatory component which is interessant.



How do you cool your feet after soaking them in warm water? Do you elevate or run cool water over them? Just curious. Going to give this a try!

Thank you!

In fact, the fact of putting turmeric on my feet regularly
for 3 to 4 weeks
allows me to have much less painful flares.
So I can put my feet in warm water gently
and then increase by one degree regularly ,
after a while, when it becomes painful ,
I let my feet in it and meditate or read until
I does not feel too over the
unpleasant sensation .
But it is especially turmeric
helps I think.
This looks a bit like that guy
who has published a book on
em . He used pepper ,
but turmeric also deplete P substance
like chili WITHOUT burning !