Underlying disease

I wonder whether anybody who was diagnosed with erythromelalgia caused by an underlying disease was every cured. My dermatoligist who diagnosed me said that it must have been caused by pericarditis (inflammation of the heart linings) which was detected in early May of this year and 4 weeks later I had the first *outbreak* of erythromelalgia. She told me if or rather when my pericarditis was cleared up my erythromelalgia would go away too. As of today I am still fighting the pericarditis.

I was diagnosed as having secondary erythromelalgia but still no clue as to what it’s secondary to. The trouble with erythromelalgia is that the symptoms often show up BEFORE the Primary symptoms and I’ve been told that I’ll probably never find out what it’s secondary to even though it it highly possible that if they treat the
Primary it could get rid of he secondary. Frustrating to say the least.!

Hi Laura,

I can imagine your frustration. But if you have had a total physical like from top to toe and they can't find anything *wrong* with you there could be another reason. I read somewhere that ery..... can be caused by an injury like a broken bone or maybe an operation. So it is secondary but the reason is long gone and taken care of.

Take care.

My EM is secondary to a systemic autoimmune disease that has damaged my capillaries. They don't have a name for the autoimmune disease, but they've at least established that it exists. I am being treated for autoimmune disease (Plaquenil), but you can't cure AI disease, so I expect my EM is here to stay.

Thank you for replying Elli and sorry to hear that you may not be able to get rid of ery......

I may have autoimmune disease causing the pericarditis I have - they don't know yet.

Stay cool