Using oxycodone-apap or similar for pain - does it help?

Has anyone used oxycodone-anap for the pain of EM and has it worked for them?

I have EM & have also broken a hip & had to have back surgery to have 3 vertebra fused. Pain pills make me hyper & raise my BP. When my BP is raised, my em is actually worse. Other pain improves but my feet feel like exploding

I too have been on these types of pain meds to treat spinal pain following surgery. The EM has worsened steadily each year I don't think opiates are the answer (plus there are so many awful side effects)

Our Daughter was given it orally at The Casualty Department one night after a three hour wait. She described as taking the sharp edge off so the pain felt blunt, don't really know what that meant to be honest but it did not make the pain go away. I think with opiates you really have to be careful when taking them regularly. have you tried Tramadol? its an Analgesic and increases serotonin, not an opiate so less chance of issues.

I have found it very helpful, the problem one has to keep uping the dosage.

I have been being treated with Tramadol for the last 4 years for my EM. The Tramadol allows me to continue mild activity throughout the day and keeps the severe pain to a minimum. In the past couple of weeks I have started oxycodone. This is in additional to the Tramadol and I only take 1 in the evening. It dulls the pain for me but I could live with the oxycodone or without it. But I cannot live without the Tramadol. I hope this helps.

In the United States tramadol is now a controlled substance. I use to take it years ago with no problem. Since I can not take any other pain medication. as they make me sick I thought I would give this a try again. One pill was ok, but when I took the second 6 hours later I started to feel sick. When I went to work the next AM I got sick in my car so I guess tramadol is no good. Don't know way. Use to take with no problem. The only thing I can take with no problem is Lyrica. I get no relief from the sereve pain I have.and at times it is too much. Have not officially been diagnosed with EM, but I have arthritis, fibro, diabetes, moderate to severe spinal stenosis and sarciodosis. Going for a gallium scan next week to see if the sarcoidosis is in any other parts of the body other than the lungs. Rheumatologist is condering giving me remicade. Has anyone tried that. No MD has ever thought of EM even though I have all symtoms. A lot of what I have been diagnosed with have overlapping symtoms.

Hi seattlegirl.

I have taken oxycodone for many years- doesnt touch EM. Opiates dont work to my knowledge. What treatments have you tried/been offered? Gabapentin, Pregabalin, Amitrypiline, venlafaxine, aspirin, antihistamines????????. They are usually the first line treatments offered.

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Thank you everyone for your replies. I am seeing my pain clinic doc this Thursday. He put me on 1500mg aspirin in January plus did blood work for secondary EM. I don't have secondary EM and aspirin did not work at all, though I did give it a 10 week try (have to wean off or get head aches). I am on 2400 mg gabapentin for fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, and OA so cannot go much higher. He is a very attentive to effects of meds on rest of my system and how I am functioning in general and is a well informed doc. I have been with him since '92 after a MVA. He dx. EM in 2011. I will ask about tramadol. I took Lyrica in the past and was at 600 mg then had a severe allergic reaction to it. I have been on a lot of different meds for chronic pain and FMS etc and he has been primary doc or in practice with other doc who dx FMS in 83. The last 3 months the EM has been constant and moving to my hands at times. Before that it was intermittent and only in my feet. Hopefully we can find a way to manage. My experience with codines is that they divorce my head from the rest of my body - this is for post surgery pain - I don't care about the pain rather than the drug manages the pain well and I don't take them very long. So I am not very enthused about them. So, again, thanks for all the replies and best wishes to all of you in your ongoing management of EM.

Hi, I start with oxycodone a month ago and I take it in combination of gabapentin and it works for my pain a lot.

Hi all,
I was wondering about this topic myself. I have been on Gabapentin for years now but I swear it does nothing but make me really itchy. I’ve been trying to come down on my dosage verrrrrrrry slowly so as not to scratch myself silly with the side effects.
I was seriously considering tramadol, and appreciate the feedback here,
I think I might just try it, a small dosage, and see how it goes.
I’m so terrified of opiates so I have been hesitant to even go there…

Stay cool guys!