Very dry foot skin

The skin on my feet and lower legs is unbelievably dry. Despite stopping the naughty foot soaking over a year ago and now doing daily lotion (lac hydrin and vanicream), the dryness does not abate. It is accompanied by frequent cracks and fissures in the skin - mostly in the sides and the bottom. I think it is due to the Erythromelalgia.

Anybody have experience with this?

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I have the exact same problem. Deep fissures, cracked dry skin on my feet.

And various forms of cream don’t do much. I’ve been on an oral antifungal about 5 weeks and my feet seem to be improving.

I am unable to sweat from my legs and feet. May be related to small fiber neuropathy and/or EM.

Abundant use of hydrating skin cream is the only thing that has helped.

Inability to sweat is a way they diagnose it. They have a sweat test.

I had similar problems when I was soaking my feet. I used tea tree oil for a slight fungal problem between my toes and Eulactol heel balm for the cracked and sore heels for a few weeks . Then I gently exfoliated the skin on my heels with a pumice to help get rid of the thickened skin. After that moisterisers work a lot better.

Thanks! Still working on mine. Unfortunately if I slather my feet up with cream, I guess the contained heat triggers a flare.

Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment passed its first lengthy test for me. I’m putting it on the sides and heels of my feet at a reasonable quantity twice daily. It seems to soak in reasonably quick. After a couple weeks I’m down to once daily. My fissures are much better. So at least for now I’m an Aquaphor guy!

And easier to work with.


HeelTastic helps my feet.