Has anyone ever been stung by a wasp or bee or something and that made ur legs inflame? Because I just put on pants for school and apparently there was a wasp or something in there and it stung me 3 times before I changed jeans at first I thought my legs were just messing up but it felt like 100 bees and they were being held on a stove and now they feel like they r fixing to inflame and turning redish so also does EM make wasp sting worse?

Its been an hour and they still hurt and there’s sharp stinging where the pain just intensifies for a second and it did cause my legs to flare up a little but it still really hurts has anyone else ever experienced this?

Hi Jacob,

I’m sure that hour was a long one but wasp stings are pretty painful. I found this online:

“According to the Mayo Clinic, approximately 10 percent of those who are stung by a bee or another insect such as a wasp develop more widespread symptoms called “large local reactions. Mayo Clinic, 2010)”.

If you were stung three times I can well imagine you have a strong reaction. Whether or not EM makes it worse I can’t say but people with EM do seem to overreact to infections, surgery, medication etc. so it wouldn’t be surprising. Why not look at wasp stings in Google images and see how they compare with yours.

Ok ty and I’ve been stung by a wasp before but not in several months and it just I haven’t been stung in a long time so that may of why it hurt so bad

Hi Jacob.

I haven’t been stung by anything while I’ve had EM but I know any injury I have seems to be worse. My not broken but stubbed toe took months to get better and a few years later it has worse EM when I flare than the rest of my feet. Sometimes only it will flare. After my surgery I was supposed to stay one night in the hospital but I ended up there for 5 nights because they couldn’t get my pain under control. It’s just a theory and probably doesn’t apply to everyone here but I think what ever is causing my EM also makes my other non EM pain more painful. I also think whatever is causing my EM also makes me slower to heal. It’s possible that your pain could be amplified too or that being stung 3 times by a wasp is just a terribly painful thing on its own. I wouldn’t know as this hasn’t happened to me.

I hope it gets better soon.

Is it OK now Jacob? Did it give you a flare. I hope it has settled and is no longer painful.
All the best

Ty everyone for your view on things and yes nel it gave me a flare but it settled down not that long ago but I’m still getting random sharp pains in my legs because of it