EM and insect bites

I was wondering if anybody has noticed that they get more EM flares and more severe when they have insect bites? I was bitten on school trip to wildlife park. The bites on my legs and feet are much more painful and I have noticed more flares since getting them.! This is the first time since EM that I have been bitten on the feet and lower legs so not sure if it's just a coincidence or not.!

Wow! I haven’t noticed that yet. I’ve been bitten a few times on my legs since summer started but it hasn’t caused me any flare ups yet.

mosquito bites seem a lot more painful on my feet than anywhere else. my feet get swollen and itchy enough as it is, the bites don’t help.

I have Erythromelalgia in my hands and lower arms, and I definitely find that insect bites anywhere in the area cause flaring, and are excruciatingly painful.

I had a bite on my back that just itched as you would expect but on the times I've had them on my legs and feet they're always much much worse, the itching stops me sleep and drives me to distraction when I'm awake, no creams seem to allieviate it either.!

If I get bitten on my legs or feet the flaring is agonising. The worst was when I was bitten by sandflies when I was at a beach, while on holiday in the US.

I don't want to freak anyone out but make sure that you pay close attention to any reaction after a bite. My brother-in-law is healthy but has just spent his wedding anniversary on antibiotics for a terrible cellulitis caused by an insect bite. He will have to be hospitalised if it doesn't get better by tomorrow. If your leg swells and is painful, especially if you have tracking (red lines on your leg), and/or you feel like you have a temperature (eg. shivering, muscle pain, sweating) then you must see a doctor immediately.

A cellulitis or other infection will make your EM worse, so don't dismiss any of the above signs as simply part of your EM.