Question re photo. Help anyone

Hi all. If I have had a severe flare I get these on my back, near my groin area, and down along my inside leg. My lovely dr took a biopsy, just my luck that I had pointed to a sandfly bite :joy:. Does anyone else get these.

My husband has Familial Amyloidotic Polyneuropathy so we sold up and live in a van. Sometimes we are not close to drs, living at times in Aussie bush.

Looks like they are blisters. The problem is there are so many causes of them.

@sheltielife “Bugger” :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The main thing is not to allow them to get infected if they burst. I had a much larger one that did burst I didn’t think anything of it but then it developed into an ulcer.

Thx @sheltielife I have Novasone cream to put on when bad, and a natural Eczema cream each day. Just wish I knew. I am going to get a referral to a Dermatologist.

I’m not a doctor, but those don’t look like blisters to me. I’m not sure what they are. The fact no one has responded in the affirmative to your “Does anyone else get these” question is perhaps an indication they are not caused by EM.

Hi @CarterDK - I wondered if that, during flares, that my body heats up and this, then, causes the “blisters” I am going to get a referral to a Dermatologist. Do you know if I should now close the conversation? Thx for replying.

That can happen with EM. I just didn’t think those marks looked like blisters. One raised area looks like it might possibly have lymph, but is hard to tell. Blisters are usually pretty easy to spot assuming you’ve had one before. Do they feel like blisters?

You don’t have to close the conversation. They are typically left open ended.

@CarterDK hey, what’s that sore on your left knee near kneecap? Looks like some I get on my leg…And others are sandfly bites (we call them midfield [phonetic spelling]):thinking:

The two dots just below my left kneecap that look like fang marks? Lol. That’s a good question. I’m not entirely sure. I thought they were from acne or an ingrown hair. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t specifically remember ever having something in that location that would have produced scaring like that. They showed up right around the time my EM started. I can say for certain they weren’t there just a few months prior because I took a picture of that knee after I injured it that summer. As you can see, they weren’t there then.

Hey you will be getting the ladies excited showing a leg :grin: Must be my eyes I can’t see those two marks. Must need new specs!

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@CarterDK @sheltielife :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I could send a pic of my (unshaved) leg to settle our fluttering hearts lol. Re you fang marks ha, I :heart:️ snakes, lucky, as we have seriously deadly ones here. There was a really cute one, next to our van, which our son relocated to the bush across the road; a three metre Python (approx 10 feet; although legless - haha).

I got these sores when EM started. They are much worse the hotter the weather, and severity of flare. Mmmm - wonder if it’s infected hair shafts or sweat glands?!

PS I typed Midgies for Sandflies in a previous post, which autocorrect changed😏

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You mentioned you get these with severe flares, do they subside after or remain and do they itch or hurt, they look like they have been scratched

Hi @marti - yes they do subside, but I still get a few. I don’t scratch… That’s just how they go. From the blister like to a crater in a day or two, from where they start.

Usually there are only three or so and they are much smaller. I put Eczema cream on them, or medicated cream. My GP, who is very good, gave me a course of antibiotics, Cephalex, but that made absolutely no difference, except, to me, they felt itchier?!

Haha. I am pretty sure tnv1955 was referring to some pictures I posted in one of my original posts here, no? The one I just posted is the “before” picture. That was before I had those marks. That’s why you can’t see them sheltie! :slight_smile:


Not sure what these are, I have read on here of some members having blisters along with their EM symptoms, I don’t get blisters only an itchy rash during the summer months on my chest, arms and sometimes legs, Sorry I cant help further

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Just read this again and you do say the photo is the before one. Still, means perhaps I don’t need new specs :slight_smile: It was late early morning in the UK and it hadn’t been a good day either.

Well I found out today I have Grovers syndrome. My dermatologist identified 3 different sores/rash, and he thinks it’s due to EM flares. I can’t use any soap OR shampoo. Luckily, I wash my hair with Bi-Carb, and rinse with Apple Cidar vinegar! Have done for 12 months.

Did you ask your doctor if it’s possible you only have Grovers Syndrome? What are the odds you have TWO very rare disorders? It’s like getting struck by lightning twice.

Hi @CarterDK - no, my Vascular specialist diagnosed Primary Erythromelalgia (lucky for me he has other patients with EM). He thought my sores/rashes were infected hair follicles, and my GP thought they were vasculitis! My specialist Dermatologist said it looks like both, due to my presentation of different kinds of sores. I get these 3 different types of sores after a severe EM flare. Dr Teng said I have Grovers due to EM. I also have Peripheral Neuropathy. My Neurologist thinks I also have Trigeminal Neuralgia along my left jaw, with referred pain in my upper and lower left set of teeth. I think it’s EM, seeing Neurologist tomorrow to find out, along with MRI results. It might be my TMJ, as both jaws are bone on bone, but my dentist us fitting me put for day and night mouth guards. Thank the heavens for my private health cover, and government health care card.