Welcome Cat from the UK!


Hello Cat! My name is Arjuna, and I want to officially welcome you to Living With Erythromelalgia. I hope that by being on here, you will get the insight that you are looking for. It must have been frustrating to have to deal with the symptoms for 4 years before being diagnosed! I can only imagine the pain you are dealing with. I see that you have already asked the community for recommendations, which is great. Here is a link that will lead you to the section on our site that concentrates all of the “recommendations”. You can look through it to add to your current knowledge:


Feel free to ask more questions, as we are a very helpful community and are willing to provide the information and support that you require. You can also use the search icon on the top right corner of your screen to look through existing discussions. I wish you the very best Cat, and am rooting for you to feel better.

Keep us posted!