Wet Socks..?

So I am curious to if anyone else with this disease gets a flare up or even just itching when their socks become damp? When i was young i suffered from very mild flares in the winter if my socks became wet at all. Little did i know this was early onset EM. I was diagnosed with the actual term last winter when i had my first real flare up, boy was i depressed. I use this forum a lot for guidance, moral support etc but my newest question is just about the sock thing!!! I use quite a lot of gold bond in my socks before work and sometimes during and i avoid getting my shoes wet at all costs (i am a server so sometimes that is a challenge). When they do get moist i usually change them to a fresh gold bonded pair. I feel like this is weird, yes, no?
thanks and love to all those who feel the burn.

I don’t know anything about socks because I can’t even wear them or shoes! I wear flip flops from point A to point B & then they immediately come off. I’m sorry to tell you this but I think you are heading this way…meaning you won’t be able to wear closed toe shoes for much longer.:frowning:️

Please don’t depress twinkletoes by saying that she won’t be able to wear closed toe shoes for much longer. It might well be true, but think positive as it may never happen. Personally I haven’t been able to wear shoes with closed toe shoes for a very long time before my EM started up or maybe not before I might not have known that was the reason? My husband used to have a standing joke and say “these won’t hurt your feet” when we were attempting to find something that didn’t hurt my feet.

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You’re right…I wasn’t thinking that way. I was thinking that she may want the truth but I can see now that I shouldn’t have said anything about it. I’m sorry & I will try to think before I say anything again.

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Hi Miss_Patti,
That’s fine I just wanted to make the point that some people might become depressed hearing that sort of information so I thought I would mention it to you. You are correct some people want to know the truth but others would prefer to not know in advance. So, thanks for the apology.

To all,
Footwear. There are few other medical conditions for which footwear claims such importance. I appreciate members comments arising from personal experience.
I have undergone various phases over the 4+ years since my EM became a daily companion. My arches collapsed requiring change in type & size of footwear. For months at a time I could only wear sandals. While I can do some activities upright I can only stand stationary for a few minutes before my feet & legs flare.
Thanks to insights from members posting I have adapted & made some advances. Most recently I managed to downhill ski again! A miracle? Perhaps. Essential to contending with the myriad of EM’s challenges has been support of EM group members & scientific medical information.
Each day, one step at a time.
Grateful to all.