Hi everyone! I’m new to this group and haven’t googled EM for years till last night. So pleased to see so much more information out there and to find a support group! Thanks for letting me join.

One question I have for you is: is EM ever associated with blisters? I get them so very easily since about the time my EM started and I’m wondering if it is related for anyone else as I can’t seem to find many links. I’ve had to give up backpacking altogether and think I could do at least short trips if I didn’t get instant blisters every time I put any pair of hiking boots on. And can’t just use runners as I’ve sprained my ankles one too many times–they are a bit weak and nervous about injury in backcountry. I’ve tried many different boots, even breaking them in, and all kinds of sock combinations so in not likely to find a solution in tht way. Any suggestions would be great!

...Did some more research online and I see that lots of people get blisters with their flares (I've had maybe 5 really bad flares before where I got tiny blisters), but I'm talking more about the classic blisters that you get with rubbing on shoes. Hiking boots, thongs, and most nice/feminine shoes give me hot spots within minutes of walking in them, and I was wondering if there was much link between THOSE kinds of blisters and EM.

Thanks :)

I don't get blisters (but I also haven't been hiking pretty much at all since EM makes that kinda hellish), but I have two completely unscientific theories about this.

First-- EM flares often involve some swelling of the feet. Maybe you're having enough swelling to make formerly comfy shoes rub your feet wrong.

Second-- At least with my EM, part of the whole issue is a general reduction in blood flow to the areas where I'm afflicted with EM (I've had doppler ultrasound of blood vessels that has confirmed this). So, I wonder if lack of blood flow could make skin more susceptible to injury? Or at least slower to heal.

... So these are totally unscientific, unsupported theories. But they're ideas. Have you figured out anything you can do to limit the blisters?

I get blisters from any major flare or if I am on my feet too long.I also just wear flip flops so I can not imagine wearing hiking boots.

I don't get blisters from EM, but I do get blisters reeeeeally easily. I have worn tight shoes for ten minutes and ended up with blisters. Not sure if it is related to circulatory issues, or just strangely shaped feet (which I have) haha.

Heather, I would ask for a bit more detail regarding your blisters and your weak ankles. do you get blisters in areas besides your feet? also, is it only your ankles that are weak and prone to spraining? There are some connective tissue type syndromes / disorders which could be associated with loose ligaments and / or skin problems.


Hi there,

I get blisters all the time. Mostly around mty heels but I get them right on the backs of my heels about the size of a quarter. They feel like I have been chemically burned and they come out of the blue. I rarely wear shoes, just slippers and they really hurt. I spray my feet with colloidal silver as much as possible to help with the pain but sometimes that doesn't even work. Good luck. I feel your pain. I have a picture of my ankles on my cell phone. I will try to get it onto my computer and upload it here so you can see what I get and can compare it. Take care.

welcome to the group!