What do you do when you have to be at work but your feet tell you no

So I am now into my third or so month of living with this disease full blown. I think I really had it for awhile but it didn't go into the red, burning, fire until this summer - so wonderful....

Anyway, I am a teacher so some days have to be up on my feet most of the day. I have shoes that are ventilated, I sit whenever I can (I have a power wheelchair, a cane, a walker...you name it, it seems) Right now it just seems, standing for even just 2 minutes makes it feel like I am in a fire pit. I am on 100mg of Lyrica at night and 1000mg of aspirin when needed (which seems to be often right now but need to make sure I don't kill my digestion track as well) I saw my doctor yesterday and he didn't know what to add feeling that right now I am just in a flare and that I need to ride it out. I hate that...."just ride it out", I mean do they really get putting your feet in a burning pit of fire! Anyway, I wondered, I have to be at work - yes I can take a sick day and the students will survive but it is harder to make sub plans then to just come into work sometimes. I took yesterday off because of them as I couldn't even walk first thing in the morning.

Anyway suggestions or people to just comiserate with is appreciated.

Luckily I work at home so I can sit down & put my feet up when I need to. I have an In-home Family Childcare Center. Also, for the most part, I suffer with flaring late at night so it doesn't interfere with my job. But sometimes I had to explain to the older kids why I was in so much pain with red, swollen feet. I have found that when I eat the right foods I have less flaring so that helps.I belong to a Barbershop Chorus and we practice in the evenings. Sometimes my feet can't take standing so long so I sit down on the risers in between songs. They are very understanding.