What helps you to calm down?

I find that my well-being depends significantly on my state of mind, whether I am calm and relaxed or not. And you all will agree that having pain makes somewhat more difficult to achieve this goal. At the moment I try a modified version of autogenic training (without warmth) with mixed success.

So what do you do to calm down, are there any techniques you use, supplements/herbs/meds you take? Has anyone experience with rhodiola rosea?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


Hi Ben,

I haven't tried any herbs or meds to help though I know some people get help from anti anxiety meds.

I have always just closed my eyes and take deep breaths. I started this because stress about anything including stress caused by pain only makes the pain worse and a lot worse! I just set my mind to calming down and stopping crying and when I do my pain decreases at least to the point it was before I started crying. I guess it has just been a reward type method. When I do this I am rewarded with less pain and every time I do it this method gets a little easier and I calm down quicker. I just envision my self with less pain with my eyes closed while taking deep breaths.

I hope this helps.

Take care,


I do mindfulness meditation and a few other forms of meditation and find it helps not just a little, but significantly. I had EM for years before I started doing the meditations, so I know it is the meditation that is helping, not just coincidence. It makes all the difference with me and helps me relax through the pain.

Hi Ben84,

Just saw the rhodiola rosea part. I take horsetail, ginseng - rather similar as all stimulants that claim antioxidant, antibacterial elements etc.. . Hypertension can be an issue with these stimulants in terms of RDA, which is why I take mine under medical supervision. We would advise all members seek medical advice before taking supplements/herbs/vitamins. Sometimes,unknowingly, we can do more harm than good , cancelling out beneficial properties of one due to over ingestion of another. Many supplements/vitamins are better absorbed when taken in conjunction with each other e.g. Vit C and Zinc, Iron and Vit C . Have you found rhodiola has helped you in any way?

Autogenic relaxation is very interesting. I am a great believer in trying to tap into the bodies capacity to self heal . Do you find that you are able to better manage the stress response ? How do you work it without the element of warmth :-)

Eliminating so called 'toxins' from the diet is something several EM'ers do to give the body cleansing and rest. There is a wonderful toxicity test that you can use in your daily life - you just need a BP machine. Its simple but effective. If anyone would like a copy let the mod team know.

God bless

Hope you have a 'comfortable' night


Light yoga, putting on some feel good music (for me my mix consists of bob Marley, lana del rey, and some of my massage therapy music) I def think music and surrounding noise can greatly affect your mood and mind set. I’ll let up my oil burners with essential oils like lavender, clary sage, eucalyptus, and other light and woodsy tones. I avoid scents like cinnamon, cloves, anything that causes a feeling of heat. You can also make a peppermint lotion (add a few drops peppermint essential oil to non scented lotion) and rub on your reassure points on wrists, temples, behind knees, and around Achilles’ tendon.