What is your guys perfect temperature?

i like:

60 degrees

not more than 67 and not less than 53

humidity has to be SUPER LOW, and low pressure fronts feel great no matter what temperature!!

super windy cold days, the wind chill is awesome

no rain, scattered clouds

I like it sunny enough to see where the shadows are on the ground so i can find cold concrete spots, im addicted to those!!!

how about you guys??

Will, I had to suffer this summer here in KY without AC. I kept a tub full of cool water and jumped in when it became to severe. I have Raynouds as well…so I am not truly comfortable at any temp. Though I much prefer numb and cold than feeling like my hands feet and ears are being attacked by fire ants and are about to explode. Oddly my body seems to do what it wanta at around 70 meaning 1/2of me is ice and the other 1/2 swollen and on fire. Oddly the EM can feel like a burning cold…like what I think touching dry ice would be like. Getting through this summer seems to increased my tolerance for heat a bit…but as I said Raynouds kicks in much higher temps now. So odd. I see a neurosurgeon on Monday…I think mich of my issue stems from severe cervical stenosis…although the neuro doesnt agree. I so agree about the barometric changea…humidity is a killer! The wind is magical

yep, i totally have the same thing except at 70 im dyingggg. Have you thought about changing where you live?? Everytime i go inland, the barometric change KILLS me.... california is pretty nice for our condition!!

Although I prefer 68 degrees at my house, I can live with 70 degrees (and a fan). I freeze my poor husband out of the house. The humidity and heat here in FL are difficult to deal with! We just got back from NC and the weather was PERFECT! Low 70’s during the day and 40-50’s at night with a breeze. The altitude may have also helped, but my feet did better overall.