I have central air conditioning!

I just wanted to share my excitement in finally having central air-conditioning! It has made a world of difference for me as we are having the first bouts of heat waves this year. 3 days up to 80 f this last week! So far we can keep it between 60 and 63 degrees and that is perfect for the day but still not good enough for sleeping!!!! I was so excited thinking it would keep me comfortable all of the time but when we try to make it cooler that 60 the coils freeze up. Unfortunately the outside temp even at night isn't getting much colder than 60. Does anyone have any tips for getting it colder for sleeping?

It is so frustrating! I can sit in relative comfort all day then suddenly between 6-8 pm I just start burning in the same temp I have been sitting in all day! Has any one tried a portable air conditioner in combination with central air? Does that help break the 60 degree barrier?

No matter what it helps and is great news bit I can't help but want just a little more :)

Take care,