What shoes do you wear in summer?

Hi folks,

this question is of course not about fashion. My problem is:

I'm feeling very uncomfortable in sport shoes and tight shoes at all due to my EM.

The obvious answer are sandals but I have to wear foot orthotics and I haven't seen any sandals where I could put in my orthotics yet.

Flip-flop shoes and Birkenstock aren't comfy for me either.

So are there any other options? How do you cope with it?

The minor problem is that I'm just 22 and don't want to look too weird. I mean I'm fine wearing sandals and saying "Hey it's because I'm ill" but I'm hoping for a solution that solves both problems.

Thanks for your ideas in advance.

Cheers Michael

Hey Mike. Good question, as I have orthotics as well. I've spent a ton of time and energy on getting my orthotics correct and then finding a good shoe. Make sure your orthotics are changed out every 1-2 years and are still supporting you correctly (bad support = inflammation = burning flares). For my feet I landed (no pun intended) Brooke's Beast for ultra arch support. They are a sports shoe with fairly good breathable mesh.

I have a follow up question, many folks have mentioned they don't wear shoes and can't wear anything tight at all - can you help me understand the reasoning? Too tight when the feet swells? I'm not sure if I understand or perhaps I am doing something to promote flares I shouldn't be!

Thanks for any insight! Sean

Hi Mike,

Perhaps, if the shoes are slip on ones with no laces, very plain, all leather and don't have any synthetic uppers, lowers or soles they could be bearable for a while. Shoes with any synthetic material in them will be hotter as synthetics just don't breathe. I know that sports jogging/walking shoes are supposedly made out of 'breathable' synthetic material but they are not good for me. Perhaps canvas uppers with a leather sole could be an option, too? Although canvas could possibly be abrasive on the skin. I'm probably offering you ideas you've already thought of.

I'm a woman in my 50s who mostly goes barefoot or in all leather sandals. I'm pretty sure someone much younger will come along with some better advice. I do have one pair of all leather and suede slip ons that are very flexible and I can wear them for a while without flaring. Knock on wood. I don't know how long I could have them on for as I don't go out for any great extended periods of time. And when I get home I take them off straight away. I do know if I try to wear shoes with any synthetic material that my feet will start to burn quite quickly.

'whoops' just saw Sean's post so someone has come along with ideas.


Hi Michael.

. I don't know if orthotics will work with these but if you need close toe shoes to use them you might consider water shoes. The kind you wear if you are going to a rocky beach . They zip up on the top and are very light and breathable. They do come in crazy colors but I found some in all black. They are the coolest option I have found for a clothes toe shoe.

Take care,


Hi Michael
I have worn orthotics for years and have been fortunate to have a few pairs that work with orthotics. I am newly diagnosed with EM and had to start wearing only sandals at the end of April during our rather cool Canadian spring. There are several companies that make sandals that orthotics will fit in. Try searching this on the internet as some I believe are actually European brands. I found this helpful when I needed a new pair of sandals this spring. One company is something like Biotime (hard for me to actually read this on the bottom of my sandal) and they aren’t as expensive as some of the others. This company also make slippers for orthotiocs although they may be out of the question for you even in the winter. I hope you can find something that works for you.

Hi Michael
The sandal name is Bintime. With one pair of my sandals the orthotic slips off the back so I have put velcroe on just that pair of sandals and on the bottom of the orthotic. It really works well. Sorry I can’t give the other names as I don’t have them with me right now. Take care.