Comfortable sandals---what do you recommend?

What brand of sandals do you recommend? I have tried many different brands and am not pleased with any of them. They all cause my feet to flare. Besides flaring my left heel is always in pain. Not sure if that is EM related or something else.

I’m in the UK so don’t know what’s available where you are. I have a shelf unit in my hallway with a great variety of sandals and all day long, if it is too cold for bare feet (I have severe Raynauds). I change from one to the other for pain and heat relief. Also keep flip flops in the fridge.

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I wear reef sandals the style is called mid seas. Very comfy!

Crocs. They are comfortable and wide enough to wear even when my feet are swollen.

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I wish I had specific brand names but I’m not sure. Defiantly flip flops for sure. There is no special shoe that allows me to walk very long but I couldn’t wear any other type for any length of time.

I either wear crocs or caterpillar boots,I no this sounds strange but both are wide fitting,and comfortable for me

I really like these Findley River Sandals at Bass Pro Shop. I wear them pretty much year round when there's not snow/slush on the ground here in Chicagoland. They're adjustable enough that I can loosen the straps to wear socks with them when the temps get too cool for bare skin.

They also make the same sandal in men's sizing.

I have had erythromelalgia for over 30 years. I have the most problems with burning pain on the soles of the balls of my feet. I wear sandals in every season but winter. The most comfortable sandals for me are those which fit as loosely as possible and in which the insoles are made of 100% leather. The leather insole keeps the bottoms of my feet much cooler than synthetic insoles. I try to avoid soft, cushiony insoles. What keeps the bottoms of my feet the coolest is a hard, smooth, leather insole. Several years ago in Phoenix, Az, there was a shoe shop that made leather sandals using a very shiny, smooth leather. This worked the best. When I moved to Wisconsin, I bought some of this leather and brought it with me to Wisconsin. I took this leather to a shoe repair shop and asked them to make insoles out of the leather and glue it to sandals I had bought elsewhere that had synthetic insoles. This worked really well; however, I don't have any more of this leather and have been unable to find any more of this shiny, smooth leather here to buy. But any kind of leather insole is better than synthetic, so I have a shoe repair shop here in Wisconsin that uses a less shiny and less smooth leather which is still much better than synthetic. Hope this helps.

Birkenstock Arizona for sandals. The men’s sizes run wide.

I also like Danko Professional Wide shoes (not sandals). I wear them daily and they slide off easily under my desk at work.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I will have to check into the brands suggested.

Jama said:

Birkenstock Arizona for sandals. The men's sizes run wide.

I also like Danko Professional Wide shoes (not sandals). I wear them daily and they slide off easily under my desk at work.

I wear birkenstock sandals without a back strap. I have a pair of crocs, and while they are extremely comfortable on the back of my feet, the texture is too much for my toes and the material does not absorb anything. Birkenstocks are lined with leather that becomes very smooth with use. They come in two different widths, and I can adjust the straps if my feet swell, as they will do sometimes. I've worn many styles over the last 35 years. The prices can be quite a lot, but you can find deals online. And, the sizing is always consistent. Their birki-flor material is long lasting and comfortable if you don't want to jump into the more expensive leather upper. They also have a selection of shoes that come with a soft footbed, it is extemely comfortable and what I wear while I walk on my treadmill. They have male and female styles.

I have tried many flip flop over the years. Nike Celso have worked for me since I need a soft insole (can't take Crocs or Birkenstocks). But my new pairs seem tighter in the straps. I don't now if it's just because they are new or they have changed the fabric. So when I wear my new ones, my feet flair after a hour or so. I've been wearing my old ones lately but will need something new eventually. It's not easy to find anything that's doesn't irritate something in my feet. Bare feet at home!

For a many years, I wore Teva Terra Fi sandals, first the 2 and then the 3. I really liked them because they had a nice soft lining on the straps, and the sole was supportive and cushy without being too soft. I wore them all year long, except when the snow got too deep, and even then, I would take them with me and wear them to work (I could still work then). In the last year, I have not been able to wear them, but they might work for you: That's the link to the Teva site; you most likely can find them cheaper at Zappos or some other place.

I have two pairs of sandals that I can wear currently. I wear these Sahara Barefoot Freedom sandals from Drew shoes: with light socks in the fall and winter. For some reason, I cannot wear them barefoot - they seem too wide. However, I like the velcro straps, which enables me to adjust them, and they're very soft and light.

My "go-to" sandals to wear barefoot spring through fall are these Tahoe Sandals from Cabela's:

I find them to be the most comfortable pair of sandals I have. The straps are lined, and the sole is cushy enough without being too soft. It did take a few wearings and adjustments to break them in and get them comfortable, but once they were, I was amazed. My feet are never completely comfortable, but I can wear these all day without getting in intense pain, as long as it's not too hot, or I'm not doing a lot of walking.

Hope this is helpful! I totally sympathize with the problem of finding something to put on my feet to go out. I go barefoot at home, summer and winter.

I like Adesso sandals. Wonderful colours and they stretch with your feet. You can get them closed in at the front and open at the back.


CROCS all the way!!!
Although it’s hard to think of sandals when the weather in Montreal Canada has been below 20c since january 1st !!! :wink:

I really appreciate all the input I have received regarding comfortable sandals, now I will just have to sort out the ones that would work for me. thanx for all your comments.

this is all i wear!! it's like walking on pillows..can't find in stores anymore.. only online..

  • Reef Women's Dreams Thong Flip Flop: Shoes, Inc.
    Rating: 4.6 - ‎374 reviews
    Reef Women's Dreams Thong Sandal,Black,5 M US .... The sporty-chic Dreams sandal from Reef obviously gets its name from the cushy, quilted foam footbed ...

I OFTEN HAVE FLARES IN MY FEET AND LEGS. I CAN'T GET SUPPORT STOCKINGS ON THEN OR ANY OF MY SHOES. Around Christmas when I had a very important medical appointment the other end of the country I came upon some Beach Shoes - The trade name for these is ALDER. I was so impressed with these that I bought 3 pairs. They are lightweight, flexible and have a finely pimpled sole (to prevent slipping0 I WEAR THESE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE. THEY WILL NOT LAST ALL THAT LONG BECAUSE ON ORDINARY OUTDOOR surfaces the sole pimples will wear off but at the price I won't grumble.

I wear reef sandals Flip Flops. Soft Pad. But I still do not wear any for very long before it brings on a flare.

Whatever has synthetic footbed makes me flare. I found flip flops with leather foot beds. The brand name olakai