Why dont I sweat?

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Hi Mads.
I can’t begin to explain why you don’t sweat I can only let you know you are not alone. Strangely though my ability to sweat and the locations on my body that can sweat seem to change over the last few years. The severity of my EM seems to directly related to the severity of my lack of sweating. I believe it has to do with a malfunctioning Autonomic system. Do you have problems with digestion, salivation,or heart rate blood pressure? Since my EM has started I have also had intermittent problems in those areas too including a test showing I had slow digestion. I haven’t been told by any doctor of anything that could help that especially because these problems are intermittent. If I treat one and my body changes as it always done suddenly it will be off in the other direction!!! I am curious if others have this problem too.
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I could be mistaken, but I thought it was generally known (to doctors, at least) that neuropathy affects sweating. From what I've read, many with EM have (or are suspected of having) small fiber neuropathy, so the connection makes sense. I haven't had sweating on my feet since my flaring began three years ago (even though the flares only affect my toe area, not the back half of my feet).

Alina, I've got plenty of digestive issues: slow digestion, reflux, occasional nausea, chronic constipation - I eat a very boring diet these days to try to keep it all as normal as possible.

Hi Mads, etc. The first article I had already read, but thanks a lot for the second. I'm glad to see Harvard Med School putting it out - big money, big brains, big influence. Now if they'll just get around to EM!

For all the 67 years of my life I can remember, I've been an extremely low sweater - very dry skin. From reading these articles and my anatomy-physiology book, sweating is exclusively controlled by the Autonomic Nervous system. There are small fibers in all the nervous systems, but only Autonomic nervous system small fibers run to skin blood vessels and skin sweat glands. (Also, I just remember, autonomic system small fibers stimulate the intestinal muscle that makes intestines squeeze and digest! Also blood pressure is an autonomic system control. Also, salivation!) A pattern? All related to the Autonomic nervous System!

I personally only have the sweating and flaring problem, which are both small fibers to the skin. But it is interesting the for two of you, other autonomic-controlled systems are also having problems. They all run on the same nervous system, with the same neurotransmitters, and run to and from the brain stem at the bottom of the brain (responsible for regulating things we don't consciously make happen). That could be a clue.

Well, once again, I've blabbed on. Sorry!

Take Care, Jane

I have always had a decreased sweating issue. I had a QSART test years ago, which tests your autonomic nervous system, and that is when I was diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy. I had already been diagnosed with EM & peripheral neuropathy, as well as MANY other conditions, including now Behcet's. And with all these issues that affect the nerves, I am NOT a diabetic and not even close. My blood sugars are usually low & I have to carry snacks with me at all times!

I also have increasing dizziness/balance issues. I have been known to fall over when I am standing still!

I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) a form of dysautonomia or dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, as well as EM. They were diagnosed by the same doctor. One of his questions to me at my first appointment was, "do you sweat." and I told him I hadn't 'sweated' for 4 years. It was two years later when my ability to sweat came back. Now I sweat profusely. So, first no noticeable sweating for 6 years, then slow return of ability to sweat, then profuse sweating. As annoying as the sweating is I would rather sweat than not sweat. This no sweating or hyper-sweating are signs of dysautonomia. I have noted recently that when my EM flared badly (for me) I had an absence of sweating. But not sure if that usually happens and I hadn't noticed it or if it's a new thing.

Hotmama, I'm certainly not trying to diagnose you but just wanted to tell you the following in case you don't already know: Feeling like you are going to fall over is a symptom of POTS (I know it's a symptom of many things). Some people actually do fall over. Some faint. I don't faint. And haven't fallen for years because I've learned not to stand still in one place. I sit. But I think in most cases of POTS this feeling is accompanied by tachycardia -- it certainly is for me. You may or may not already know this stuff -- I'm very knew to this forum -- but I just thought I'd pass it on in case you didn't know.


Sweating or not sweating, sweating here and not there… Doesn’t it show how different we all are. I stopped sweating completely for three years and still don’t sweat where I flare but sweating is gradually returning to other places. Threw away my antiperspirants and had to go buy one last week.

I have just started sweating again in my hands in the last couple of days! It is funny when you go so long without sweating you notice the tiny bit of sweat most people have all of the time but to you it feels huge like an elephant in the room!

The minor sweating happening all of the time in most hands and feet most people don't even notice I am thinking wow! what is happening ???? My fingers rub the touch screen funny and it is difficult to swipe it!. Maybe I am not only sweating now but possibly it is excessive. I don't know how to tell anymore!

Not that I wish it on anyone but it helps me to know other people have intermittent and changing sweating patterns . My neurologist said it was impossible for neuropathy to be intermittent but it must be neurological in nature the whole sweating problem.

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