50% redness and pain reduction in my hands and feet!

Hi ya’ll, I just wanted to share some great news! I started taking a CBD pain blend 5 days ago along with a topical CBD balm and the redness and pain I have in my hands and feet has decreased by about 50%. I have been skeptical of CBD for a long time and never really wanted to try it. In the last month though my hands have gotten worse and I now have really painful swelling in the mornings. So I decided what the heck, imma try it. And its working and its a dang miracle!! I still have swelling BUT the redness and pain that went along with it are extremely reduced… no crying and pity parties or missed work this past week. I am amazed! I also got some courage and decided to take my dog for a walk around the block in 89 degree weather… it was super scary… but I did OK. My hands did start to burn towards the end but that is a major improvement from not being able to be outside for longer then 10 minutes without running for the AC inside.

Has anyone else had success with CBD? I would love to hear about it.

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Congrats to you! This is something I’ll think about looking into, because redness is my worst symptom (luckily).

Please update this post in a few days on whether or not it keeps helping you!

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That’s great news! What brand CBD are you using?

@graceee06 Thank you! I am using the pain blend Leaf therapeutics 15 mg CBD, 1 pill at night. And then the topical is Plus CBD hemp balm extra strength that I have been using 2-3 times per day. It has not completely gotten rid of the redness and pain but significantly reduced it and I am still in shock about it lol are you using any CBD products?

Thanks for sharing the info on what’s working for you. Definitely worth a try and will stay tuned - especially since it helped in hot weather.

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Wanted to give an update. I have been using the CBD products for almost 2.5 weeks. My anxiety and depression has been greatly reduced. So much in fact I have spaced out my therapy sessions by 3 weeks now. Redness and pain in my hands is still reduced BUT the swelling is still present. I am working with a homeopathic Dr to find another remedy for the swelling to combine with the CBD. I will let ya’ll know if we find anything!

One more thing, I do get bumps on my hands, possible chilblains that are very painful and the CBD balm has helped a lot!

Hi! I just purchased the same CBD brand you use, I’m nervous to try it. Did it make you feel high or not yourself? That’s my biggest fear, I have a 9 month old and really need to be alert for him! Also how are you doing? Any more improvements? Still taking the CBD?

The CBD will not make you feel high. It is THC that makes you high. The plant contains both but they can separate them.

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I am so sorry I didnt see your reply sooner! When I first took the CBD pill it did make me sleepy so I always take that before bed. But other than that no side effects. I am still using the topical balm and taking the CBD pain blend. I will say that the redness has come back. It seems the bam has worn off in that sense. But it still works GREAT for pain in my hands. I am curious to see if this combo of CBD products still helps with my heat tolerance this year!

And Teke is right- THC makes you high not CBD.

How are you doing with it Graceee06?