A little Help!

I have started a regimen of asprin of up to 1300mg a day with minimal relief. I am still continuing to be active with alot of discomfort and many flare ups with the heat and my activity. I don't want to take any medications that will cause weight gain or slow me down so I know it limits my possiblities.I am looking for some suggestions that have worked for other people without alot of side effects.I am looking to go to my OB gyn to look at different HRT to see if that is effecting anything. I simply want to enjoy wearing flip flops without my feet being beat read and on fire.I have had some of the bowel issues that I have been reading on the forums as well but am not one to take alot of medications. I follow up with my doctor next month so want to have something to bring to the table for him as he very willing to listen and work with what I have. If anyone has ideas on food intake, meds, etc i am willing to try about anything at this point. I have cut almost all processed foods out of my diet along and have always eaten on the healthier side. I am starting to concentrate on strength training but also love to run.