Amalgam teeth filling

so, i know it will sound crazy but... we all know amalgam teeth filling is made of mercury. we know mercury poisoning can cause EM.

so is there any possibility its somehow related? i read about woman with bad headaches and vascular problems and after her doc told her to remove amalgan from her mouth she did so and the problems stopped.

i know it must sound crazy...

i just dunno why the right side of my body is so much worse than the left one. i have few amalgam filling in the teeth in the right side of my mouth so it just made me think bout that. prob it doesnt make much sense, but cant get it outta my head now. xoxo, Liz

One of out local news anchor, Stacy Case's journey with Multiple Sclerosis and its connection to mercury toxicity

My wife had hers taken out (by a special dentist) to see if it helped. It didn’t, but who knows it may have slowed it down…

I spoke to my dentist about this. I have been going to him of over 20 years and trust him. His wife suffers from FMS. He has done his own research about this and felt the possible leaching would not be enough to cause the condition, but he could not completely rule it out. Of course, as i have learned...anything is possible. Have you had heavy metal poisoning testing? Take care