Amazing relief at night

I'm not associated with this company, honest, but just felt I had to pass this on. I bought a CHILLOW from Soothsoft online and it is amazing. It keeps my feet cool all night and I don't wake up with the same awful pain. This sounds like an advert I know, but I can't get over what a great relief it is. I'm thinking of buying a second one to keep under my desk at work for the summer.

How do you use it? It looks flat and designed to put your head on. Do you wrap it around your feet? Could you please explain? Thanks.

Hi Dave, yes it is flat. I don’t know if you are supposed to, but I wrap it around my feet before I fall asleep and when I wake again. It goes flat when I’m asleep but my feet and ankles are still on it all night. Hope that helps.

Chillows are great! I have used them the same way that you do for several years.

Hi Liz, now if they would just make little shoe shaped insoles that worked like chillows I would be happy!

Sounds like a business opportunity!

Google “Spenco Flow Cool.” Any thoughts? I have not tried them.

Where do you find these CHILLOW's at?



Is the chillow sturdy enough to stand on?

I don't think so Dave, the seams might come loose. It's more of a 'flat mat' than a pillow but I don't think it would last if you stood on it.

Dave said:

Is the chillow sturdy enough to stand on?

I use something called a "pillow cool", a Carex Health Brand, purchased at Bed & Bath. It is flat and filled with a cooling gel. I use it at night and also stand on it during the day if needed.

How well does it work?