Anyone with EM symptoms after reclast infusion?

My mom symptoms started soon after having a reclast infusion for osteoporosis…
We have no idea if it was related or a crazy coincidence but up until that point she never had any symptoms at all. She loved the heat/summer, she’s an exercise fiend and now she is so limited from just worsening and worsening EM… It’s debilitating, only has relief by running home to put her feet briefly under cold water…
Anyone have new onset of em symptoms after reclast?

OK, so zoledronic acid’s mechanism of action is that it slows down bone resorption, allowing bone-forming cells time to rebuild normal bone through bone remodeling. For this reason, it is contraindicated in individuals with hypocalcaemia (low calcium level). Bone remodeling deposits calcium into bone and would further deplete calcium levels.

Erythromelalgia is believed to be caused by hyper-excitiablity in voltage gated sodium channels. Calcium is known to transiently block sodium channels. (See: If blood calcium levels were suddenly depleted or lowered through intense bone remodeling, it’s conceivable it could exacerbate symptoms of Erythromelalgia by lengthening the time for closing sodium channel activation gates. In Erythromelalgia it is believed the gates stay open too long.

So perhaps that might explain why your mom reacted negatively after such an infusion? I don’t know if something like that could cause Erythromelalgia, but if Erythromelalgia was on the horizon to begin with it might explain it’s sudden intensification.

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I am so very sorry for what your Mom is going through! You are a wonderful daughter to step up and try to find answers. I don’t have anything that would help but I want to thank you so much for the post as I went on line to see if I could find something on the side effects that would support the thinking regarding it causing the EM. Oh my goodness, I will never never let them give me that shot, that lasts a year and for which there is no antidote. The personal stories I read on line about the horrific side effects (just not EM that I saw) were a real education or better said, Warning! I would suggest you go to the FDA and report that it caused EM to appear. They need feedback on this drug and based on what I read it should be banned. That doesn’t help your Mom and for that I deeply regret.

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Carterdk-thank you so much that’s so helpful and makes sense, I sent her your reply. Are you in medicine or research? I really appreciate the time you took to respond.

Entropy- thanks for your caring! I just want to be clear, I was not saying the reclast caused her EM but it was only afterwards that her symptoms started… Read carterdk’s reply because that was really helpful! I imagine it’s always a case by case basis the weight pros and cons about any medication, for some reclast or drugs like that despite the risks could prevent some from debilitating effects of osteoporosis that worsens down the road… Compression fractures, pain… So I didn’t mean to insinuate it was a definite cause or scare anyone but it is true she did not notice any EM symptoms ever before that infusion.

And good advice too we will report her symptoms to the fda just in case

I’m not in medicine or research. I just have somewhat of an aptitude for processing information. I read a lot and try to apply what I read. I was not familiar with Reclast, but after looking up its mechanism of action I saw a possible avenue based on what I knew about calcium and sodium channels. It’s just a hypothesis. I could be wrong. It does seem to make logical sense though.