Eyrthromealgia / Hypercalcaemia (high blood calcium) Related?

Hello everyone,

I am curious is anyone here has ever been diagnosed with hypercalcaemia & found it to be related to flares?

The reason I ask, I was recently admitted to the hospital after going to the ER. They found that my calcium levels were through the roof and thus admitted for 3 days. My Intact PTH level was low, so they do not think it is primary Hyperparathyroidism. Currently they are still ruling out other causes for the high calcium.

While in the hospital they gave me IV fluids, which lowered the high calcium to normal levels. After being released I noticed I had no flares for the 1st week home, which was nice! However, the flares are now coming back & so it also makes me wonder if my calcium is rising again.

There may be a secondary disease that can cause both symptoms, but I don’t have the answers yet.

Curious to hear if anyone in the community has had similar issues?

There is an additional variable there in the IV fluids. When I first began with EM symptoms, I had elevated hematocrit. A hematologist ordered phlebotomies. They were beneficial but it’s unknown why. I was given an IV after each.

Could an IV provide some benefit itself? Probably not, but it is a confounding variable.