Calcium Supplements

Hi all - I’ve been trying to find information regarding the effects of calcium supplements on erythromelalgia - good, bad, or neutral. I haven’t had much luck. The RDA of calcium is 1000+ mg depending on age and gender which means that many people likely use supplements in addition to dietary calcium to reach their daily total. I’ve read a lot about the effects of magnesium - helpful for some and harmful for others. I’ve also read how excess sodium causes EM to worsen in many.

Does anyone know if calcium has an impact?

Have calcium supplements helped anyone or has discontinuing them caused improvement in anyone?

Thanks for your input!

This search may be helpful to you, nwgirl:

As always, seek and obtain your doctor's approval for any supplements before trying.

Thank you Madere - I appreciate it!

nwgirl, you may also want to check any supplements for interactions with other meds or supplements that you take in order to help inform your discussions with your doctor(s). This is a good place to start 'the pharmacy'

Hi nwgirl, Did you ever do as Jules suggested and start by looking at 'the pharmacy'? If so did you find anything to help?

Thank you Jules for the tip. Sheltielife, “the pharmacy” had links to some good general info about supplements incl. calcium however nothing specifically related to the impact of calcium on EM. I would’ve been surprised if there actually had been anything there! My initial question was asked because I was wondering if others have had any positive/negative experiences with it in relation to EM. With so much discussion about magnesium I thought there might be a connection to calcium since the two minerals are supposed to be in a ratio to one another (I’ve read 2:1 calcium to magnesium but I can’t recall the source). Anyway, I’m guessing there isn’t anything there since I can’t find any info on it and no one has mentioned personal experience with it.
I appreciate your help :slight_smile: