Area of hands/feet flare

When I have an EM flare, on either hands, feet or usually both, the flared area is usually mid hand/foot towards tips of fingers/toes. Like when my hands flare, it is never my entire hand. It is usually mid hand upwards to finger tips (including thumb). It also includes swelling. Just wondering if anyone else has this same thing or if not, what areas are affected & is it usually the same every time?

I have a pic on my homepage that shows my hand when flared so you can see what I mean. Couldn't attach it here. Sorry!!

Hotmama you hit the nail on the head! It usually starts mid hand just below the knuckles and up through the fingers or in the feet toes. I am not sure how clearly this pic shows it but yours you can see it clearly. when I went to see a vascular doctor before my diagnosis that is how I described it as starting mid hand and up through my fingers. I then ran my hands under warm water to show him and he was amazed because it was just as I had described although he had no idea why it was happening.