Beginning of my flare ups. MAKE IT STOP. I just want to sleep.

Ah the fun of getting ready for bed just to have a flare start once you lay down, don’t I know it.

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image i see your hand and raise you some feet and knees…

![image|375x500](upload://fDc3KHRLSVOqpmusZVp1Nz4CContinuing the discussion from Beginning:

our hands and feet are irritated by chemicals, metals, stone and minerals, alcohol and changes in temperature. To help reduce the pain, try compression socks (botties are best unless you have other conditions that require the help of knee socks) I get mine from Amazon. I know what you’re thinking… My feet are screaming at me and she wants me to put a sock on that’s going to squeeze my foot? Yes I do! Our blood doesn’t circulate properly so it collects in our hands and feet and causes severe pain and burning. The compression socks force the blood out of the foot back into “circulation” where it belongs.

This doesn’t work for everyone, but most receive some relief. I also use compression gloves. Please check with your doctor first to make sure that there isn’t any additional medical problem you may have that would not make compression therapy a good idea.

I also use a tens unit on my feet and hands to keep the circulation going. Low voltage at first to see what works for you.

I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem but I have to use opposite types of lotions and oils on the tops of my hands and feet versus the bottoms. If I’m overly tired and forget, OMG! Magnesium oil (Amazon) has a great effect on the bottom of my hands and feet. This makes sense because magnesium is vital for controlling blood pressure and circulation.
It’s not that exe I think I paid $14.00 and it’s lasted me months. Just make sure you check with your doctor and apply water to the area first or it will sting a little.

Good luck! :smiley:

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