Relief From Compression Socks

Hello Everyone - I know this is my second sock post of the week :)......however, I wanted to share that I have experienced a reduction in my foot flaring by wearing compression socks throughout the day. It's only been the second day but I have seen a significant reduction in the severity of my flare ups - which is GREAT!

I've done a bit of research to understand if there are any downsides to wearing them but have not yet found anything other than socks expense and challenge of putting them on and taking them off. I plan to ask my PCP about it in my next appointment. Please comment if you have had experiences with the socks or have insight about them.


Hi - this is very late response to your post but I only just saw it. Are the compression socks still working for you? I was wondering where you get them/who makes them. I get a lot of swelling with my EM (especially in the knee where it's worst) and would like something to keep all the fluid out....