Anyone try this? They talk about it a lot for SFN. Only supplement I ever tried was something called Zyflamend that a few people on the old yahoo board found successful about 10 years ago. I thought it worked at first, but I had also increased Lyrica at that time and later felt Lyrica was the more logical reason for improvement. There was a lot of talk back then about decreasing your nitrous oxide via Zyflamend or ALA.

I’ve taken Benfiotiamine for years. It helped a little bit for neuropathic pain, but eventually I found out it created vasolidation so I got flares after taking it. I’m not using it anymore since 1 month now. Can’t say my flares improved, but I also don’t have more pain than I already have. Too much B1 is not good for you, so if you take it, stay alert if it works for you. If not, quit. And make sure you have your B1 bloodlevel checked.