Alpha lipoic acid

saw a new derm yesterday from our university. he suggested 600mg of this

anyone else tried it?

I took it regularly for 3 months in the summer, I saw no benefit but also didn’t get worse. Dr. Cohen stated that it can have similar effects as magnesium so it should be started with caution as it can cause vasodilation.

I read that it can help SFN and can reduces blood sugars at a dosage of 600 mg/ day. I started it about 2 weeks ago. My Neurologist has done a biopsy for SFN, do not have results back yet. I cannot tell if it helps with the pain, but have been monitoring blood sugars and they have come down around 10 points on average. I have a weird type II diabetes, first diagnosed when I was a skinny 10 year old. I have always tried to control it with diet and exercise, physical activity has been almost impossible with Guillain Barre Syndrome and then Erythromelalgia.

I take it every morning not sure if it’s working or not…How did he suggest you take it?

From my understanding ALA can help if EM is due to peripheral neuropathy, otherwise, its benefits might be marginal.

i’m starting at 300 twice a day and am working up to 600 twice a day

the weather has taken a real dip the last few days which worsens my EM so i cant tell if it’s making a difference yet!