Blue went out in the sun today

Hi all, i was minding my little grandchild with my hubby today at my daughter's place. We were outside on her deck and it was so lovely sitting out there in the winter sunshine. Normally I avoid the sun like the plague now, and have the low vit d levels to prove it, it will usually trigger EM for me. But I through caution to the wind and sat outside 4 quite a while. I felt like i was starved for sun. Now I'm wondering if it will trigger an EM flare but.......It felt good. Unlike summer sun which has me 'burning in minutes.

I'll let you know. Cross fingers I got away with it.


it sounds like you had a lovely day. being outside feeds my soul, but i, too, need to find the shade quickly. :)

How did you do Blue? Any backlash? I hope not. I can’t wait for winter so maybe I can see the sun too! Now a days I get my vitamin D from a bottle too. couldn’t do without my high dose vitamin D!

Hi, outrage and Alina,

I did have backlash but not too bad. Yesterday evening my face, neck and hands -each were the only part of me exposed to the sun were burning and red. I thought this could be sunburn - but doubted I'd get that sunburned in the winter sun.

When I woke during the night, the side of my face and the hand I had been lying on in my sleep were hot and much redder than the rest of my face and my other hand. But today my face and hands look pretty normal except for the rash I noticed on my forehead last night which is still here, and itchy.

So an EM flare on my face and hands that looked pretty intense last night. Nothing to show for my sun exposure ( in terms of sunburn) but the rash on my forehead. Meanwhile, my feet were burning for the first couple of hours when I woke up. No exposure to the sun. And just burning, but not red. I don't always have the redness with foot or back burning.

I guess I got away with the winter sun. I can't take vit d as it is constipating in my case. Very annoying.