Breast Augmentation (Breast Implant Illness)

Hi everyone. I am considering undergoing a breast augmentation with silicone implants. I have been doing a lot of research about BII (breast implant illness) and found that some women suddenly experience autoimmune disorder symptoms, such as inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis. As someone already with erythromelalgia I was immediately concerned. As we all have experienced, erythromelalgia is too rare to find information about for general procedures like this. I don’t know where else to turn, so I thought i’d just come on here and ask if anybody has had this augmentation and found that their symptoms worsened. I’m afraid that my body will be more likely to reject the implants and my pre existing symptoms. Any feedback at all would be so appreciated. I wish you all the best, stay safe!

Hey Elle,
My wife has required breast surgery, a bilateral mastectomy. She does not have erythromelalgia but she certainly had some autoimmune type symptoms. Those symptoms were minimised by the medicos as she was given a tablet form of chemo and also had lymph nodes removed, both of which can mess with the whole-of-body systems and mimic autoimmune type symptoms. Eventually it did all settle, thankfully, but this took years.
Some autoimmune reactions can tend to exacerbate any underlaying conditions or symptoms, so, like with many surgeries, it really can be a case of weighing up the benefits vs outcome.

Merl from Modsupport

Hi Elle!
I have small breasts and used to wish they were bigger but tbh I cant imagine riskinga negative outcome for something cosmetic. Idk how old u are but if u are young, I promise there are advantages to small breats as u get older! Best of luck either way :slight_smile:

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Can’t assume cuz it might be reconstruction related, though everyone has their own reasons and so even if it is about body image, for some people that’s a huge mental health issue. The surgery can be life affirming, or, if left unrealized, can be life threatening. I respect that she is being open.