Welcome AuroraB from Scotland!


Hello Aurora, my name is Arjuna, and I am an intern here at Ben’s Friends. I wanted to take the time to welcome you to our wonderful community. I am happy that you have found us, and hope you are able to find what you are looking for on here. I understand that you have indeed been on treatments for autoimmune arthritis and now have developed EM. How have your symptoms been overall lately? Are you looking to see a specialist? How is your quality of life overall?

I wonder if you have had the chance to look around in our site, and if so, you may have noticed the search icon (Magnifying glass) on the top right corner of the screen. This is a great way for you to sift through existing topics and discussions that may be of help to you, as it may give you a sense of what others may have tried to alleviate their symptoms. I did a quick search for the term “autoimmune arthiritis and EM”, and found 21 existing discussions on that front. Here is the URL to that: https://forum.livingwitherythromelalgia.org/search?q=autoimmune%20arthritis%20and%20EM

I also highly recommend that you create your own discussion thread (by using the + New Topic tab) if you have any particular questions for us. Although I am not affected my EM myself, I would be very happy to guide you through this website.

We look forward to hearing from you Aurora. Best wishes!