Calcium channel blockers - interesting results. Another option for EM'ers?

Hi Guys,

As you know we are desperately trying to raise awareness on possible treatments that may help us better manage symptoms.

(1) Serotonin hypothesis (see old posts 2013/4),

(2) Sodium channel blocker therapy (SCB) (on topic/old posts too 2013/4),

Another ' theory' I would like to throw into the polypharmacutial bag is Calcium channel blockers (CCB) ie: diltiazem, nifedipine, and verapamil.

Briefly, if you do well on magnesuim supplements then CCB may be the route for you. Test yourself and see. Start low with magnesuim and tritate dose up. Dont forget that you can also absorb magnesuim through the skin so cool epsom salt baths (thats what i prefer), spray on skin. All these available from healthfood outlets/online... without prescription. Magnesuim has a really good response in fibromyalgia/arthritis - some EM syndrome symptoms are similar .

If its not for you then it will trigger a flare.

Going to attach couple quick research/links to get going but will be uploading more as discussion progresses.

Ask me if you have any questions. If i can help I will . Hope we get another great discussion going so thanks in advance.

Hope you all as 'comfortable' as can be expected

God bless




Ok Guys,

Yes Tizzy , good to remind folk that imperative to start all these medications/supplements real low. CCB and SCB must be tritated real real slow. If you cant tolerate (like Tizzy) will induce flaring and cause CCB 'abnormal pain sensitivity' ie: symptoms/pain becomes worse not better.

New clinical development under way on CCB.

" It is the only truly selective Cav2.2 blocker in clinical development and has the potential to be a first in class treatment for chronic pain"

Have attached link to information if anyone is interested.

God bless



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