High dose Magnesium - The original chill pill

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As most of us know research suggests a possible role for high-dose oral magnesium in the treatment of EM and, perhaps, other vascular disorders.Many specialists even use this clinically important vasoactive mineral to 'test' whether calcium channel blockers (vasodilators) are a potential treatment option ie: positive response . Popular blockers being - Diltiazem, Nifedipine, Verapmil.

Magnesium can be taken orally, spray or Epsom salts baths- absorbed via skin. The latter helps combat the diarrhea that can accompany high doses ;).

Thought this article was interesting:

The article 'Magnesium and the brain.: The original chill pill ' tells us more about this vital nutrient.




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Hi Mads,

I have a dysfunctional autonomic nervous system. One of my symptoms is severe constipation -- pretty much no peristaltic action at times. I used to use a large dose of magnesium sulphate -- Epsom salts -- taken orally once a week, to get make my bowels work. (under gastroenterologists instructions). I used to have to stay very close to a toilet. It was like taking a colonoscopy preparation - the dosage was so high. The thing is, although it would treat the constipation on the day, and stop a migraine, I would be left with an erythromelalgia flare for up to 3 days. I'm not sure if it was the very high dosage, the magnesium itself, or it's form as 'sulphate' (perhaps a problems with sulfer???) that caused the flare but it definitely caused flaring. The last time I used it, about 3 years ago, I had a big flare and my skin on my face peeled????? Really weird result that no doc could answer why. I was told just to give taking it a miss and use something else. I've been too scared to try another form of magnesium. Although I'm seeing my EM doc in August and this is one of the things I'm going to talk about.

Thank you for posting the link to the late onset EM in the woman. I've read this one before but had lost it and I wanted to take a copy of it to my EM doc when I see him in August. Perhaps I need to try magnesium in another form.

Aspirin is out as a possible treatment for me, because I'm seriously allergic to it - Anaphylaxis. Actually, EM started not long after I had the anaphylactic response to aspirin and could no longer take it, and sometimes I wonder if I may have been treating EM flares for some time, without knowing it. I was treating my migraines with a med that contained aspirin.


Dear Blue,

High dose magnesium also affected me. Aside the 'stay on the loo' , I had increased flares and went onto to have a very negative response with calcium channel blockers.Everyone knows I am a sodium channel blocker girl lol! I take the UK version of what David mentions- but you have to find 'your dose'. Nothing concerning EM is a one size fits all. For some sufferers it does help with vasodilation, muscle spasms and awful cramps. EM needs a polypharmacy approach so if you can tolerate it , I agree with David , definitely good supplement to put in your 'better management of symptoms' toolkit.

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Hi dkel,

I am not actually managing it very well. I find I am now extremely nervous most of the time. Nerves have gotten worse since I have recently realized that the Em is no longer better for me in winter. My nights have been pretty bad lately. It starts with itchy face and body during the evening. The prickly feeling, and then I will get some isolated burning patches that would be intolerable if it was all over my body. I go to bed and wake up regularly in the night with burning but it is mostly my face, neck back arms head and often my mouth - my feet aren't bothering me at night so much. Between 6 am and 7am the burning eases a lot and I get to sleep deeply for an hour. Wake up still too hot and burning but not as bad as I experience in the night. Then I swing backwards and forwards between feeling okay or too hot or too cold until evening when it all starts all over again. I know I am not alone in this and that people have it worse than me but I am so anxious. Given the anxiety, tiredness and feeling weary of this ongoing situation I don't want to even leave the house even when I am not feeling too bad. I am on the defensive and touchy and even though I can see this I can't seem to stop my defensive responses sometimes. In other words I can be a pain in the bum to be around and it's ridiculous when you don't even want to be around yourself - which is how I feel a lot of the time when I do see people. Hubby and I are arguing. I admitted to him that I was anxious and touchy so that now, whenever we speak he accuses me of being too defensive and unreasonable. As though I am the problem all the time, which given that he is not perfect, is impossible. we went out to buy a new fridge yesterday and as I have realized this past year or so I can't make a decision so came home having accomplished nothing. Given my family and my hubby's personality I have always had to sort of fight to be heard. Which I used to accept - was forthright and had opinions etc., but all confidence has been knocked out of me and I haven't the strength to assert myself. I suspect there are other people with chronic illness who end up feeling this way. Confused, perplexed, unable to make a decision and tired of trying to get people to see that one is not being difficult but, rather, one is sick and overwhelmed. It's the emotional stuff that finally wears a person down. But, as scarlet said "tomorrow is another day" and I still hope. There isn't a person alive who knows what the future will bring for them. And as I have learned sometimes it can bring pleasant times too. It's the unexpected joys of the future that keep me going. What a vent. I am tempted to delete this but I am not going to.

written from new tablet so please excuse grammatical mistakes. I am on my L plates with this thing?


Hi dkel,

I did edit my reply that you responded to but the edited version seems to have gotten lost. In it I mentioned how invaluable I have found the people to be here. That so many of you llead by example and with grace. I'm trying to achieve that. Your message to take one day at a time is such a good one. Especially the bit about not getting ahead of ourselves. I am also trying to make that response a habit.

If the edited version turns up, i suspect I 'lost' it due to my learning status in regards to my new Samsung tablet - which is truly touchy device.