Magnesium Antacids

Hello, all. I have read before that some find relief with high doses of magnesium, and I think this might be related.

I take an antacid almost every night due to GERD. Lately I've been using Gaviscon, which contains magnesium. Rarely, I have a night where I don't have reflux and therefore skip the antacid - and the next day/evening, my toes seem to always flare worse than usual.

I just wanted to share this and see if any of you guys have noticed the same thing. Any of you who are thinking about trying magnesium could pop antacids for a few days and see if you notice a change in your flares before you try higher dosages.

I think high Mg doses can be really helpful, but I doubt it can have such a fast effect. I was using high Mg doses, I think it helped, not sure tho cuz I was on more meds that time so idk if it was Mg, SSRI or beta-blockers that helped. Btw I think beta-blockers were the best thing I tried for the EM except the surgery. But everyones different and dif things help