Can it be EM without the Brighton red Skin?

Hi, all my Symptoms And my medical History have lead me to believe i have EM but it is much milder than the Case studies And your Stories. I do Not get Brighton red Skin. During a flare up which I accociate with Sharp intense pain in my that can come And go there is a Bush of the Skin in the area of pain with just a Bit of swelling but Nottingham like the photos iv Seen. I guess that now that iv found something the is a possble Explantation for what has been Happening to me i dont want to beliebe it. It Must be a mistake.

Ehen i Takes to Mad she mentioned a puncture Skin Test And a saliva Test. Is their Anwalt to know for Sure?

Sorry about the Typing errors. Im on i Päd. Today.

Thanks for the heads up.