Chronic Pain Management Center

Has anyone tried a chronic pain management clinic?

I live in California and my sister was telling me about the Stanford pain clinic. It would be nice to have a bunch of doctors working on the different symptoms that EM creates.

I’m at a loss because (just like a lot of you) im getting automic dysfunction (dizzy, temp intolerance, nerve pulsating), not sleeping well at all, neuropathy in my feet, and who can forget the burning flares! :wink:

I am in the UK and have been to the chronic pain management clinic here. However, they were actually no more use than my GP just trying different drugs which he could do.

I started going to PM a few months ago. Initially, I went because one of the docs there had written an article about EM, so my PCP and I reached out to see if he could help. While he hasn’t found a treatment yet that helps with my flares, he has been the 1st doctor I’ve seen that takes my pain seriously, which has really helped my ability to function day-to-day. Additionally, he is much more open to trying different medications that have been beneficial to others with EM, and none of my other specialists were familiar with EM or its treatment. The only downside is the extra cost of seeing another specialist. Most PM clinics in the US make you come once a month, which is very expensive. However, I’ve had to weigh the cost with the benefit.

@loralogic I am doing a free online course,through Macquarie university, here in Australia. It has been very worthwhile - and a Chronic Condition one too.

Ugh, finding that special doctor is everything! I have yet to get that. I feel like treatment is at a glacial pace for me at the minute

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I live in CA and am actually a patient at the Stanford Pain Clinic for my EM. I am also (unfortunately) one of the worst cases they have seen-boo!
They have some great doctors, but I have not had much progress yet with my symptoms. I will continue to see them though, as they truly are brilliant minds and I feel that I am at the right place. I just know that Stanford will make leaps and bounds when it comes to EM. Try to get to to the Pain Clinic. It’s worth it! Plus, the more EM patients that they see, the better, right? They have to see more of us and know that we MUST GET A CURE!
Sorry that I have been radio silent for months. Pain has been absolutely awful over here.
Be well and stay cool guys…


I also went to Stanford …seems like it’s the only option and place to go to…nobody in the Bay Area knows anything or what to do for EM pain
Have you had any luck with UCSF?!

Other then prescribing oxycodene and some type of nerve pain treatment … seems like there’s not much they do at Stanford

But great doctors at Stanford I must say , just wish they knew more !